Why is our Kickstarter taking sooooo long?

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The short answer is there’s so much to do…

When I first started talking about Kickstarter there was a sudden bubble of interest around people that knew me, they knew I’d be working on my board game for 2+ years. They had played the original paper cut-out game and concluded I was on to something, even way back then. That feels an eternity ago, and it’s mostly dissipated now. It’s a little saddening, but I have continually worked on revising the game’s components and mechanics.

When I speak to people on Twitter they speak with one voice when it comes to board game design and development matters, that it takes a long time, and that I shouldn’t rush it. That quality is all important, and it feels great to have so many people feeling the same way I do about this.

At the moment I’m concentrating on overseeing the artwork. There will be 4 wooden chests, each containing life hearts, gold, victory banners, or game cards. I’m also working on improving the efficiency of the rules.

It seems like I’ve been here a long time. I’m moving forward though, progress is slow and steady. The new dice we’re working on currently are full colour and match the artwork. They’re stickered and final results will be printed, but they still give a far more accurate feel of the theme.

In future I’m not going to issue dates, I don’t want this hurried. But assume we’re getting our board game ready.

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