How’s our Kickstarter progressing?

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Been a while since we updated on what we’ve been up to…

  1. cvz4u0dwgaanrwf-smallPlay testing, play testing, PLAY TESTING. You can never play test your game enough and it’s really helping iron out the text and the rules. Making it easier to read, unambiguous. (Special thanks Heidi, your input here has been invaluable and it is appreciated. Free copy of the special Kickstarter edition for you!)
  2. Sorting out the bugs in the Kickstarter pipeline. There’s some problems with the technical aspects at their end to do with certification, registration, bank details which their techies need to resolve. So we’re currently waiting on that. Much of the text and graphics is now complete though.
  3. Ordering parts for reviewer copies of our game. Printed dice are on order, as are box blanks, sheets of cardboard, Pritt Sticks, 1mm thick card, super sharp Japanese Samurai scissors…  it’s all coming together.
  4. Finally, we’ve been playing lots of board games. This may sound recreational, and it is, but it’s also really helpful to make mental lists of all the good things and bad things. We want to make Realm-Master the best board game out there. Better than Twilight Struggle, better than Pandemic Legacy even. Even if we fall short aiming high helps make for the best possible board game, and playing lots of board games really helps.

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