Who are you?

We’re a shiny new and independent board games company and we’re determined to make the best board game possible. We’re looking to launch on Kickstarter soon, but not too soon.

Why so long away?

We’re still working on artwork, gameplay, buy card costs, and turn card rules…   It takes time to get the game mechanics right. We’re working on this as fast as we can, but it can’t be rushed. So far the game has been in development for ~2 years. The deckbuilder Dominion was in development for a comparative amount of time. It’s come a long way.

How close are you to production?

Reallllllyyyyy close! We’ve already sourced high quality and reliable suppliers from the UK where we are based. Because we don’t plan on outsourcing this to China we will be moving to full production much sooner than other board game creators.

Why not just outsource it to China though? Everyone else does.

There are lots of Kickstarter board games that are disappointing and feel “cheap.” The tendency to outsource to the cheapest supplier leaves for some pretty shoddy workmanship. You can tell the people on the factory floor are not gamers themselves. We’re building a quality product. If you’re looking for cheap, you need to look elsewhere. We want Realm-Master to be a piece of board gaming perfection.

Will there be expansions? 

Yes! Both a team-play variant and a second expansion are in testing.

That sounds premature.

It’s not, the expansions will build on the existing Realm-Master Universe. It’s important to get this right, it’s not easy to see how we can readjust the rules of a game which has already been released.

Will it be available in places other than Kickstarter?

Yes! We are planning a wider release later in the year. There will be an Amazon & Ebay shop, plus you will be able to buy it here too.

Can I buy the Board Game in blocks for my cool and independent shop?

Yes! We will be selling them for resale at a substantial discount. We believe in you too!