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As some of you that have followed the design and evolution of Realm-Master will have noticed, I’ve fallen off the radar for some time.

Truth is, I’ve been really ill over the last 6 months, and really really ill over the last 3 months. It started with a general feeling of being unwell, some sort of respiratory illness. Headaches. Numb nose. There were multiple trips to the doctors, two separate courses of antibiotics. A trip to A and E. I tried to explain to them that I wasn’t feeling well – something was seriously wrong, but got nowhere.

Eventually I traced it back to the damp in my cottage. Water had been trickling through a crack in the chimney and into the fireplace. I cleaned out the fireplace, then cleaned it out again. Pulled up the carpet, which had gone black with mildew. The living room is beneath ground level on two sides, it’s hard to dry out. I bought two dehumidifiers.

Nothing I did seemed to have been able to fix it. Weeks later I noticed the bottom of the wooden cabinet had gone black with mildew. When I pulled it out, the back and bottom too had gone black with mould. Three of the feet were so rotten they literally fell off. There was a huge damp patch which the landlord had placed the tall wooden cabinet in front of to hide.

That was enough. I served notice on my tenancy and moved into a tent.

I’ve had to literally wash all my clothes and chuck most of my things away. Cleaning up my old home has been a nightmare, my parents have been a great help.

My body’s become so sensitive to the spores I cant get within a meter of any of my old things. Even with a face mask on, I still seem to get infected, and the feeling of being very ill, nose sore, migraine comes racing back.

It’s been especially difficult as I can’t go near any of the stationary I use to make prototype board game parts. I can’t play the prototype of the game. I write this with the box open on the other side of my parent’s lounge. Somehow I need to replace all of the parts I’ve made. Months of work down the drain. Oh well. Could be worse…

The good news is I’ve moved out of my cottage about ten days ago. Now living in a tent in my parents jungle-like back garden.

I’m beginning to feel better and we’re moving forward again.

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