Hello & Welcome

Welcome to Realm-Master – The Epic Board Game!

We make board games. We’re all board gamers here, and we make board games for board gamers.

That’s not to say Realm-Master is complicated – it isn’t, you’ll have a new player involved and having fun within five minutes, tops. The rules are straightforward but offer a great deal of variety. What I mean to say is we’re designing a board game with all the best parts of all the best games we’ve played.

So it will feature:

  • A quick setup time…   our game is ready to play in less than 5 minutes.
  • Multiple paths to victory. You can either win by gaining 10 banners or by killing all other players. Each requires different strategies and will play differently each time.
  • Turns don’t take too long, even with 4 other players you remain involved.
  • Winning player’s don’t build up a growing advantage. You’ll never have to effectively sit out as the winner wipes you all out. Instead temporary alliances form to restore the balance.
  • A wide variety of buy cards. Weapons help you do more damage to your opponents, equipment helps shield you from their counter attack. Enchantments and potions add further variety to the mix.
  • Two levels of play. Like chess, you can enjoy the social game, or you can play at a far deeper, more strategic level.
  • A fun mixture of luck, skill and strategy. There are 5 dice and you can reroll them all once.
  • Character’s with unique abilities which are well balanced. These lead to different strategies, different games, and a different story each time you play.
  • Finally, because we know that games tend to have a fair amount of dead space in them, we’re going to keep surplus packaging to a minimum.
board game dice
Full colour printed dice, premium quality components. In the game you get 5 to throw.

So what happens in the game?

A central region – The Realm – spawns gold, life, and banners. Player’s fight for control, if they survive an attack they can collect one gold, one heart, and one banner if present. But that’s only if they choose to stay, and that will bring them closer to elimination.

The game takes between 3-6 players, and lasts 15-90 minutes.

We’ve played alot of Kickstarter board games that seem a little disappointing, my game is going to be made with love and attention to detail.